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Building An OTT Workflow:
A Modular Approach

Why thinking in modules can help you build better quality OTT and VOD platforms.


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Reducing the Risk of Cloud Supplier Lock-in

Balance the need for efficiency with future flexibility, without getting locked in to a provider.



Discover 100TB's API: The Secret to Efficiency

Learn how 100TB's API can help your business achieve its goals.


Resources to Help You Get Ahead


  media.png   Streaming 

How to Build Video Streaming Platforms

Whether your audience is watching on a PC or on a mobile device, you need to create a seamless experience when offering online video. Here's how.


The A-Z of VoD

Video-on-Demand (VOD) represents the changing face of media consumption. Netflix, Amazon, YouTube... and so on. Here's a primer on what you need to know about VOD.


Building An OTT Platform for the Future

Audiences are cutting the cord on cable and watching more of their movies and TV online. And media companies need to build over-the-top (OTT) services to keep up. In this guide, you'll learn how to build and monetize for OTT. 

  digital.png    Digital Transformation

Get Ready for Digital Transformation

Cloud services allow talented people with common aims and interests to connect, converse, build relationships and collaborate on both commercial and community projects. See our recommendations to get your business ready.


How to Reduce the Risk of Cloud Lock-in

How painful would it be if you had to switch cloud providers today? 78% of IT professionals are with you - concern about supplier lock-in has prevented many from taking full advantage of the cloud. Ready to start reducing that risk?

  gaming.png    Gaming

Why Latency Matters to Gamers

Latency is the scourge of player experience in multiplayer games. In this guide, see our recommendations to cut latency from gaming experiences, for the benefit of your players. 


Pokémon Go: How to Scale For Success

Pokemon Go is the first global success of augmented reality, fusing nostalgia with gaming passion. However, its developer has experienced its fair share of challenges, thanks to a huge audience who just can’t put the game down. Learn how to handle these challenges today.


Are You Harnessing The Power Of Containerized Gaming?

Game adoption moves at lightening speed. How can game development teams can keep up with an exponential level of success?

  build.png    Building Your Business

The Entrepeneur's Guide to Startup Success

If you’ve ever had a startup idea for a technology business, then do it with the help of our white paper. We cover everything from testing product/market fit to scaling.


Location, Location, Location: Be Everywhere At Once

This white paper considers the challenges facing the internet through each 24-hour cycle, as well as investigating the importance of server location and technology in relation to web hosting.


Finding the Right Infrastructure Partner

Choosing the right infrastructure provider is no easy feat. With so much at stake, it’s important to enter the search fully prepared for the road ahead.   


Become A Hosting Reseller

Reselling hosting can be a profitable and fulfilling way to build a business, or make some income on the side. Thinking of taking the leap? Here's everything you need to know to get started.

  big data.png    Big Data

Remodelling IT Security with Big Data

Organizations are relying on increasingly large, sprawling IT infrastructures. These are dotted with countless devices, systems and applications. This landscape brings security threats which are increasingly numerous, stealthy and targeted. In this guide, we examine how organizations with the most stringent security processes are using big data to counteract and prepare for every breach.


  guide.png    100TB Product Guides

Bare Metal Made Simple

For organizations that already have IT know-how and in-house resources or for developers of high-traffic websites, bare metal servers will often be an extremely attractive option. You can get all the benefits of running your own data center and infrastructure, without the hefty price tag. In this guide, we make it easy for you to get started with bare metal.


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